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Spring Flower - This honey gets collected during the spring. The color of the honey is very light, and so is the flavor.

Summer Blossom - Also known as "clover", this honey gets collected during the summertime and has a very "classic" taste. 

Basswood - This interesting honey gets collected during the early summer season. It comes from linden trees and has a light "flowery" taste.

Wildflower - Comes from the fall season. This is the darkest honey our bees produce and has a very rich flavor.

Honey: Products
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Straight From the Hive

All the sizes of honey pictured from left to right

5lb - $36.00

2lb - $16.00

1lb - $9.00

12oz - $7.50

8oz - $6.00

Note: We also sell in pails at a rate of $5.50/lb (40lb minimum)

Honey: Products
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